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The Compass Charter is an ethical code of conduct for people, companies and organisations. It offers a set of four keys to help you to work with emotional integrity and enjoy life.

And leads, in a simple and natural way, to the experience of true leadership and harmony. Step by step. Day by day. Smile by smile.

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I go for authenticity by acknowledging my own potential and that of others. I aim to achieve this by showing and rewarding open and transparent behaviour.


I go for responsibility by acting in a well-considered and responsible manner. I aim to achieve this by being aware of my environment.


I go for commitment by striving for a natural balance when I connect with others. I aim to achieve this by taking no more and no less than the space that belongs to me materially, physically, mentally and emotionally.


I go for trust by showing confidence in my surroundings. I aim to achieve this by interacting in a friendly, open and sincere manner, and by asking the same of others.

These people go for it

  • Giusta Paolo

    Paolo Giusta - Professor, Ethical Leadership - Istituto Universitario Sophia

  • Van Bellegem Luc “Everybody is talking about sustainability and a climate neutral way of living because we only have one planet. I believe that also in our relationship with others we have to act in a social neutral and balanced way by giving people the space to develop themselves. Make this world a better place and start with yourself!”

    Luc Van Bellegem - Sr Marketing Advisor - Vlam

  • Krist Pauwels I think that the common acknowledgement of human values in our day to day work could be a strong leverage for change. The intention to be conscient about some ethic guidelines and to try to translate them in your own behavior, can make a big difference. Certainly if they are shareable in a network of those who feel the same about it. 

    Pauwels Krist - partner - Choco - LinkedIn profile

  • Puype Jan “Authenticity, responsibility, commitment and trust, the four keys of the Compass Charter are very important to me as a person and as a professional. So when I discovered this website it took me just one second to decide to subscribe. Great initiative! Maybe it will not change the world but maybe it will J! Good luck!”

    Jan Puype - Founder - Read My Lips

  • Torfs Wouter

    Wouter Torfs - Ceo - Schoenen Torfs

  • Pauwels Leo Wherever you encounter authenticity, responsibility, commitment and trust, you are also likely to come across beauty, goodness and righteousness. They are signs that give colour and depth to living together as a community. That is our goal. I could say the same thing but slightly differently: True beauty is a question of ‘being’ and not ‘having’. True beauty teaches you the language of unity, the language of smiles and flowers, and above all the language of the quiet things and of ‘giving’. It’s about learning time and again to opt for the compass that points in this opposite direction.

    Leo Pauwels - Honorary President - Eza

  • Paolo Giusta
  • Luc Van Bellegem
  • Pauwels Krist
  • Jan Puype
  • Wouter  Torfs
  • Leo Pauwels
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  • Why should I sign?  By signing, you help to create a future of living and working in a more human, ecological and spiritual way. You strengthen a growing network of people who share the same insights and intentions, and you facilitate the evolution to a new economy and a new era of social enlightenment.
  • What if I sign?  You openly declare that you will act with ethical intentions and emotional integrity.
  • What does it cost?  No money. Just a little courage.
  • What happens after subscribing?  After you subscribe, we’ll send you the Compass Charter Label and a download of the charter, which is free for you to use. We will also kindly invite you to join our LinkedIn Group, where we regularly discuss several items on the subject. Your name will be listed on the "subscribers" page and you are, of course, invited to live up to the intentions of the Compass Charter.
  • What happens if a subscriber doesn't behave according to the charter?  In case of misconduct or any other harmful behaviour towards Compass or its subscribers, we will immediately withdraw that subscriber from the list and prohibit him or her from using the Compass Charter Label.
  • Who are the people behind this initiative?   

    An advertising agency named CHOCO (Belgium, Europe) which offers communication services that include advertising, internal and corporate communication, DNA work and coaching sessions for companies and organisations. Knowing who you are, consistently communicating this and learning from the feedback you receive: this enables you to build valuable relationships that allow you to mutually enhance each other. Hence our tagline, 'CHOCO relationship builders’.



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